Kawasaki news: New Z800 on the way?

Naked bikes are wearing more and more plastic these days; the new Z800 has almost as much fairing coverage as some of Kawasaki’s past Ninjas.

Take a look at the photo above.

It is a Kawasaki. It is a naked bike (or at least, as naked as a naked bike gets these days). The side panel proclaims the machine features an 800 cc motor.

And, that’s about all we know for sure. But it looks as if Kawasaki has brought out their new successor to the Z750, one of their longest-running models. And, it seems that “bigger is better” is the theme of the day here.

Speaking of which – Kawasaki’s Canadian head office didn’t give us any information on the rumoured Ninja 300, but we did get some information on the Ninja 250.

Jeff Comello, Kawasaki’s media guy for Canada said the fuel-injected Ninja 250 we saw early last month is for Asia only, confirming our suspicions. That’s right, CMG readers, here in the Great White North, we’ll have to make do with carbureted 250s again, while the rest of the civilized world (except for maybe the U.S.) gets fuel-injected quarter-liter Ninjas. But he did say that “We’ve got some announcements coming up in the next little bit, and that’s all I can say at this time.”

So, maybe we get a fuel-injected Ninja 300 and a carbureted 250?

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