BMW F700GS, F800GS pricing announced

BMW has released Canadian pricing for its new F700GS, as well as the F800GS.

Canadian pricing has been announced for BMW’s 2013 F700GS and F800GS models.

The F700GS will retail for $10,650 up here in the Great White North; the F800GS will cost $13,450. That number doesn’t include your dealer fees, taxes, etc.

There are plenty of options available for the bikes, at the same price for either model; the safety package (electronic suspension adjustment, tire pressure control and automatic stability control) will cost $850. The lowering kit will set buyers back $220, the anti-theft system costs $255, and the comfort package (On-board computer, centrestand, luggage rack, luggage case holders, and electric output socket) costs $355.

Stability control will cost $365 on its own, and the on-board computer is $175 on its own.

One thought on “BMW F700GS, F800GS pricing announced”

  1. So. Add $1580 to the prices. Like most folk, I just enjoy hearing a price. Period.
    Thanks. Guess I’m going back to Japan, again. Or, used.

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