Chinese two-wheelers to outsell Japanese machines in U.K.

They may lack burnout power, as Zac found out in Cuba, but Chinese scooters are making huge market share gains around the world.

While Chinese motorcycles haven’t established much of a foothold in North America yet, that’s not the case for the rest of the world.

The low-priced machines have made great inroads around the rest of the globe, especially in the scooter market.

That explains news from the U.K.’s Motorcycle Industry Association, which is saying Chinese two-wheelers will outsell Japanese machines in England by the end of this month.

Chinese manufacturers are working on bigger machines, but most of those sales come from scooters and mopeds, with some small-displacement motorcycles thrown in. And it’s a market development that most people had no idea was coming until fairly recently.

While Chinese machines have certainly had their problems, it seems that people still want cheap two-wheeled transportation, and China is fulfilling that demand in a big way in other countries.

One thought on “Chinese two-wheelers to outsell Japanese machines in U.K.”

  1. Its the Walmart way – cheap junk with no parts, warranty or service.
    Its all fun and games until you break it…

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