Japanese Harley-Davidson washes up on BC coast

This Harley-Davidson with Japanese plates washed up on the Queen Charlotte Islands in a moving van container. Photo: Peter Mark/CBC

A British Columbia man has found a Japanese-registered Harley-Davidson washed up on the coast, in the Queen Charlotte islands.

While riding his ATV, Peter Mark came across a large white cube on a beach, similar to the storage container seen on the back of a moving truck. When he opened it, he found camping supplies, tools, golf clubs … and a rusted Harley-Davidson.

Then, Mark noticed the Japanese writing on the container’s walls, and the bike’s Japanese plate; he figures the container washed all the way across the Pacific after last year’s terrifying tsunami hit Japan. An ocean current from Japan would take floating debris right by the Queen Charlotte islands, so the theory makes sense.

Authorities haven’t found the owner of the bike yet, but the Japanese consulate is supposedly running the bike’s licence plates to see if the owner wants his or her property back. The bike’s licence plate indicates it was registered in Miyagi Prefecture, an area that suffered severe tsunami damage.

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