New 125cc Triumph rumours

We doubt it'll have classic styling and chrome badges, but it would be interesting to see what a 125cc from Triumph would look like. Photo:

British website Visordown is pointing to new signs of a Triumph-built 125cc motorcycle hitting the market.

This sort of talk has been going on for well over a year now. At first, the chaps over at Hinkley denied they were working on such a project, but their associates in India seemed to think otherwise.

India’s Hindu Business Line shored up this rumour last week, with reports from “sources close to the development” claiming Triumph could have a built-in-India 125cc machine for sale over there by the end of 2013.

That’s not all, says Visordown. The British journos say Hinkley has been flogging other manufacturers’ small-displacement machines around their test track, to pick up pointers from the competition’s machines.

Is it fact or fiction? We can’t say for sure at this point, but consider this: an Indian-built 125cc model would allow Triumph to break into the world’s hottest motorcycle market, as well as offer a budget beginner’s bike back in the UK, so this project makes a lot of sense.

Triumph will already be building other machines over in India in a few months, so it wouldn’t be a big deal for them to start producing another model over there. We’ll just have to wait and see …

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  1. Im all for it.. Good business plan covering all the bases.. Learned from past this new Triumph does (best Yoda accent I can muster)

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