Honda to sell Adventure version of Crosstourer

Honda now has a factory adventure kit for their Crosstourer adventure bike, at least in the UK.

Everyone’s investing more heavily in the adventure bike scene these days, it seems, and Honda is no exception.

They recently announced they’re going to sell an upgraded adventure-spec model of the Crosstourer over in the U.K.; it’ll come complete with a 32-litre plastic top box that can be expanded to 39 liters. Once you add in the matching panniers, that’ll give you 123 litres of luggage space.

The bike, known as the SE model, also comes with a sidestand and a light bar for the front of the machine.

It’ll cost about 1900 pounds more than the standard machine in the UK; that’s a hefty price jump, considering it puts you in the same price territory as some other big-bore adventure bikes with longer pedigrees. MSRP across the pond for the SE model is about 13,375 pounds, or 14,225 if you want the dual-clutch transmission.

There’s no word yet as to whether or not the Crosstourer SE will make it to Canada.

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