Ice Run underway

A Ural would be just the rig for riding across Siberia - but we might recommend a snowmobile suit.

So, you keep saying that you wish you were riding in the middle of winter? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

We’re not talking about flying south and renting a bike, or even staying home and studding your tires. No, there’s another option. You could fly to Russia and take part in the Ice Run. Except, it’s already started.

As we speak, the inaugural Ice Run has twelve unsupported teams riding Urals across the frozen wastes of Siberia, up ice roads full of bears, wolves, and rifle-wielding lawless maniacs. We’re only exaggerating a little.

There’s even some Canadians taking part in this endeavor, and we’ll get you more information on their progress when we can.

The ride actually got underway on this past Monday at the Russian town of Irbit. The riders are hoping to make it 1,500 kms to the Arctic Circle and the town of Salekhard.

It’s not all fun, games and madness, though – all the teams are trying to raise at least 1,000 pounds for charity along the way.

Want to know more about the rally? Check out the website here.

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