Wake 'em up with the Banshee horn system …

It might not look impressive, but the Banshee system can put out a lot of sound.

Loud pipe arguments notwithstanding, a horn is the best way to alert unwary cagers to your presence while riding.

Trouble is, most motorcycles come with wimpy stock horns. You can buy upgraded units to give you that ear-splitting volume you need, but what if you don’t want to blast everyone around every time you hit the horn? Sometimes the only noise you want is a friendly toot for the kids waving on the corner.

Peter Olt has come up with a solution, with his Banshee horn system. It’s elementary, really – his invention lets you give a quick, low-volume blip on your horn, but if you hold the button down for a quarter second or half a second (depending what settings you use), you’ll get a full-volume 135 db blast that should rattle the bones of cagers all around you.

Even better, you can get a discount on the system until Friday, if you help Olt get his idea off the ground by donating to him at the entrepreneurial Kickstarter website. And if you order now, you’ll get it cheaper – the price goes up after next Friday, when the Kickstarter funding ends. We know, we know, that sounds like an infomercial.

Check out Olt’s YouTube video below.


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