Changes to Johnny Pag lineup, organization

This shot of the 650 cc Pagatti prototype is the only shot we could find of the new bikes from Johnny Pag. We'll give you a peak at the new models when we can.

Johnny Pag has several changes coming to its 2012 lineup, as well as within the company structure.

Johnny Pag, a California-based company that designs custom-styled motorcycles, then outsources production to China, is best known for their series of 250 cc – 300 cc choppers. That could change this year, as they bring in larger machines than ever before.

Johnny Pag is importing the Pagatti, a 650 cc liquid-cooled V-twin (looking suspiciously like Hyosung’s 650 motor), with soft-tail styling, in 2012, with an MSRP of $8,995. The bike should be in showrooms in March. There’ll be a hard-tail version coming later on, in June, called the Barhog. We don’t have any more details on that machine but why would anyone make a hard-tail production bike?

The smallest machines in their 2012 lineup, the soft-tail Malibu and hard-tail Ventura, sport 350cc engines, along with fuel injection. MSRP is $5,495 for both bikes, and they should be available in March.

Maybe the most interesting news, though, is that Johnny Pag says they’re working on an 1850 cc V-twin chopper and trike. This would be a huge departure from the undersized bikes traditionally built in China. We don’t know much about this project, but the machine is supposed to be sold in 2013. Stay tuned on this one – the bike could be pretty interesting.

Johnny Pag also says they’re going to explore the electric motorcycle market.

As far as organizational changes go, W.C. Distributing, from Alberta, will be handling the distribution for the entire country now. Before, they only handled the western provinces. They’re trying to set up a new dealership network for their new machines as well.

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  1. Hi I have one of your choppers a 2006 300cc I would like to put a bigger motor on it I would like to know if it can be done and what motors can I use

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