Rob MacLennan's 2011 Yearbook ready

Where else are you going to get a book featuring Canadian Superbike action? Head on over to Blurb.com and buy MacLennan's book.

Want to buy a yearbook with photos from the 2011 season at Shannonville and Mosport? Of course you do, unless there’s something wrong with you.

Head on over to Blurb.com, where Rob MacLennan (under the name Morally Ambiguous) is selling his 2011 Yearbook, with photos from Canadian Superbike championship action, as well as regional RACE level action.

You can preview the book there, but you’ve probably seen some of MacLennan’s photos before anyway – he’s kindly provided CMG with plenty of Canadian racing action shots. If we have a snap of Brett McCormick or Stacey Nesbitt, chances are MacLennan took it. So, buy his book – you know he’s a stand-up guy.

Prices are $42.44 for softcover, $53.94 for hardcover with dust jacket, and $57.39 for image-wrapped hardcover.

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