Guelph considers loud pipes crackdown

It looks like Guelph could be the next town to pass a loud pipes law. Photo:

It looks as if city council in Guelph is getting ready to fight motorcycle noise.

According to the Guelph Tribune, city government has asked the town’s workers to find out if the municipality has the ability to crack down on noisy vehicles.

While the article also mentions noisy trucks as a source of complaints, people seem to be especially fed up with loud motorcycles, and they’re drawing inspiration from Caledon’s 92-decibel motorcycle sound limit.

We’ve been reporting on these types of stories for a while now; towns and cities all across Canada are passing or planning to pass laws against loud pipes. If you’ve got an open exhaust, maybe it’s time to invest in a baffle.


0 thoughts on “Guelph considers loud pipes crackdown”

  1. Given that they already have noise bylaws, there’s no need for additional regulations. Simply apply what’s already on the books and, if it’s a vote-getting move, make it obvious that you’re doing so.

  2. Good news. I hope all municipalities jump on board and put an end to the insanity.  In a perfect world legislation wouldn’t be necessary, but there is no convincing the loud-pipe bunch that they are going to ruin it for everyone. The true bike enthusiasts will remain, and the ones who just want to make noise will disappear.

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