Honda to run CBR250R race series in Canada

Everybody was wondering if they'd do it, and they have; Honda Canada just announced a national race series for their CBR250R

Honda Canada has just announced that they will indeed be developing a new national CBR250R racing series in Canada.

The series will run along the same lines as the CBR125R Challenge, which will be moved to a regional level (thereby making it more affordable due to less travel requirements) and act as a feeder series to the new 250 class.

Riders must be between 15 and 25 years old, though if you’re 13 or 14 you will be eligible if you have completed three CBR125 races. The idea is to keep it appealing to new riders who may otherwise be put off from entering.

It will also be a spec tire class (Pirelli) with a maximum of one tire change per race weekend. Riders will also be allowed to modify the front suspension.

Will Stacey Nesbitt be able to maintain her position at the front of the pack in the 250 series? Next season should be interesting. Photo: Rob MacLennan

However, there are some mods allowed to the bike, which will be available in the form of a race kit, expected to cost about $2500. The kit includes body work, and Elka shock, Akropovic can, Dynojet fuel control module, rearset kit, frame sliders, swingarm mounted shark fin and rear race stand.

If you’re wondering where Stacey Nesbit, the winner of the 2011 CBR125R challenge fits into this, then wonder no more – she’ll be there with the number one plate.

Sounds like fun! More info to be released in early November.

4 thoughts on “Honda to run CBR250R race series in Canada”

  1. Too bad Pirelli stuck its nose in there, although with it being a National class, I guess they had to. We all liked the stock tires better than the Pirellis when we rode the 250s at Roebling Road in March. The grip was great, the bikes seemed to steer better and were more stable mid corner. The Pirellis sort of “squirmed.” I’m not a fan of spec tires – I think it stifles development and when you look at it, it’s not any cheaper for the racers. 

    With the sad decline of many National classes (nine Pro 600s at Mosport), this should bring new racers into the ranks and be a really good class to watch.

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