Nembo 32 undergoes track testing: video

There doesn't seem to be much wasted weight on the Nembo 32 - it just looks like a bunch of parts bolted on to an engine.

Some people said it wouldn’t work, but the Nembo design team proved the doubters wrong when they took their ‘upside down’ engine out for track testing last weekend.

The Kneeslider tells us the design team has been working on the Nembo 32, a three-cylinder, 1814cc motorcycle for months now. The air-cooled 170-horsepower engine runs ‘upside-down,’ with the crank over the cylinders.

Supposedly this design lets them use the crankcase as a structural member without stressing the cylinders, but a good part of the design is probably aimed at just being different. So different, in fact, that some detractors didn’t even think it would run – but the YouTube video below makes them look pretty foolish.

Of course, one YouTube video does nothing to prove the longevity of the innovative engine design.

What are the Nembo designers’ plans for the motorcycle? An air-cooled 1814cc motorcycle obviously isn’t being built for a MotoGP future; instead, they’re going to throw some lights on the machine and it’ll be a road-going bike that you can use for track day racing, supposedly.

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