'Arris goes to Labrador

The Super Tenere is fitted with Altrider bashplate, crashbars and some other trinkets as well as a set of TKC80 tires. What could possibly go wrong?

Editor ‘Arris is about to try and circumnavigate the Gulf of St Lawrence (New Brunswick to Nova Scotia to Newfoundland to Labrador to Quebec to New Brunswick) on the Super Tenere long termer in the company of Jim “I’ll bring the Scotch” Vernon who will be riding a BMW F800GS.

He’ll be leaving tomorrow and has uncharacteristically prepped the Tenere with a host of Alt Rider accessories (more on that soon) though has done little else to plan the trip other than to pack a tent and invite Jim to bring the Scotch.

If there is any internet coverage we will try to post updates of this trip as it happens, saving that expect to read all about it in the not too distant future or for CMG to go quiet and then offline if he fails to return …

0 thoughts on “'Arris goes to Labrador”

  1. Enjoy your time in Newfoundland Mr. Harris! You’ll find the local ADV Riders to be a friendly, helpful and very enthusiastic bunch!
    Oh, forget the Scotch … try the Screech instead!

  2. Can anyone foresee “And then it all went ‘Orribly CMG” in this plan ?
    Best ‘O’ Luck in this adventure and I hope that is a huge bottle of scotch

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