New V-Max a road burner


This is the prototype, but it’s pretty close to the final product (factory pics available soon).

A new V-Max will be shown to the world in a few days, according to press reports, and it will be a powerful upgrade over the original.

A V-four engine of 1800 cc or larger capacity will produce more than 200 hp, if reports are correct. The 2009 Max will leap through a quarter mile in under 10 seconds, making it quickest production motorcycle on, or off, the planet.

A hefty aluminum frame is one of the important upgrades to be expected.

There’s more to come on this, but Yamaha won’t officially open its mouth until June 4.

0 thoughts on “New V-Max a road burner”

  1. The new Max is one heck of a piece of kit if rumour can be believed, but then an early report in the UK press estimate the price at £12K :eek waaaay overpriced :upset and that’s a shame. Guess I’ll have to wait a while until they appear on the used market…

  2. Not to rain on the parade…

    But I wonder if the price will be on or off this planet?
    $15k… $17k…

    If you can afford it you’ve got one nice toy for sure.

  3. Hi there.

    This new V-Max looks great, if one rides a new V-Max, He ride a Motorbike, not like this image sereo tipe, wannebee TAPERWARE riders,
    that we get now a days.
    Good job Yamaha !!!!!

    Good day to all

  4. Ick. All the worst bits of the B-King and and 80’s vintage V-Max. That arse end looks to be right out of 1983.

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